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Регион Женева
Wheat, corn
Оптовая цена
270 - 300 $/т FOB
Income Grain, ООО, UA
The company sells for export corn and wheat in batches of 3000-10000mt
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Mais fodder
Цена по запросу
Neva JSC, ООО, RU, 131 км +3 объявления
Предлагаем кукурузу фуражную. Упаковка биг беги по 1 тонне. Объем до 1000 тонн.
Цена по запросу
Группа Компаний КМК, ООО, RU, 131 км
Our company is called Group Companies КМК. Our company has extensive experience in exporting. Since 2012, we are exporters of agricultural...
226 $/т FOB
Астраханцев Е.А., ИП, RU, 131 км
Protein: %,          min 12,5 (N x 5.7) on dry mat bas (ISO 20483);                                                    Gluten: %,           min ...
We offer our harvest of 2018: golden flax and confectionery
Цена по запросу
Рассветовские Масла, ООО, UA, 131 км +10 объявлений
We offer our harvest of 2018: golden flax and confectionery seeds: 1. Golden confectionery flax, grade - Goldberg, flax color - ivory, planned...
Millet yellow, red
Цена по запросу
Агроторг, ООО, RU, 131 км
Agrotorg company offers millet yellow, red. Purity 99 %, moisture <14 %, packing big bags, or bags 25 /50 kg. Prise is negotiable.
Basmati Rice (India)
885 $/т
Petroleum Operating, Филиал, KZ, 131 км +1 объявление
Basmati Rice (India) Aged long-grain basmati rice of a beautiful white-Golden color, ideal for pilaf. Cereals with elongated curved grains, hard...
Millet yellow
Оптовая цена
от 265 €/т FCA
Укрпродпром, ЧП, UA, 131 км +2 объявления
Millet yellow: Humidity up to - 14% Weed and oil admixture in total - up to 2% Total cleanliness - at least 98% heavy metals test report...
Basmati rice
220 €/т CIF
Salaman co plc, GP, US, 292 км +10 объявлений
There are several varieties of basmati rice. Traditional Indian types include basmati 370, basmati 385, and basmati Ranbirsinghpura (R. S. Pura)...
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